SconeSoft Ltd. Co.

of Better.

Brand, Web, and Strategy
for those who dare to unite
purpose and profit
for a better world.

What We Offer

Brand Development

The relationship between your organization and your audience is everything. Most firms sell one-time, one-way “branding” projects. We don’t. We offer processes around ongoing co-creation of brand with audiences who value you.

Web Development

People interested in what you do will look at your website before deciding. There’s an art to rewarding their attention and inspiring action. The best results are in partnering with professionals who support your purpose.

Strategy Consulting

You could do anything; but never everything. Narrowing a sea of options to one clear path takes a clear strategy. We want to lend our expertise and the benefit of an outside perspective to those whose purpose ignites our passion!

Why We Strive

Life is too short to build things that don’t matter. Work should serve a purpose besides raising quarterly earnings by X%. Business realities do have to be handled, but our work needs to make the world better.

If you have the courage to define your bottom line beyond financial terms, to benefit people and planet with your profits, I will have your back.

You will not stand alone.

How We Work

Careful Conclusions

A useful diagnosis takes listening and questioning. For organizations whose purposes matter, we want to solve their real problems. Taking time to understand what is behind your pains matters more than just getting your business.

Little is Large

We easily right-size to your needs. We have many skills in-house, and years of project management experience to outsource as needed to remote workers or, for best results, local talents to collaborate on creative problem solving.

Sooner, Leaner, Better

Committing to months of work before delivering anything is needless. We deliver value sooner, with less wasted, while balancing risk. We’ll continue learning what delivers value and follow the thread to find more.


How We Charge

Most firms charge a fixed-fee at full “market price” for their work, whether it ends up working for you or not.

Instead of negotiating prices based on mere assumptions, we align our interests with yours by agreeing on a percent of the improvements we actually deliver. Upfront fees are near cost, so we only profit by seeing you profit.


  • 10% increase in client profits
  • Equal 50% share of increase
  • Client ROI is 100% (double their money)